Hannan Build has expertise in using a wide range of traditional and natural building materials. We endeavour to use sustainable, locally sourced materials whenever possible to create healthy homes for you and your family.

Hemp Masonry, Hemp Lime Composite, Hempcrete

The Hunter Valley is fortunate to have a hemp processing mill in New South Wales. Industrial Hemp is grown throughout the Hunter Valley and processed locally in Dungog by Hemp International Australia. As a building material, hemp masonry (hempcrete) is a beautiful and natural material that offers numerous unique characteristics:

  • It's non-toxic
  • Provides excellent thermal insulation
  • Provides both sound insulation and absorption
  • Is a fire retardant
  • Termite resistant
  • A natural biocide so is a mould retardant
  • Breathable walls provide excellent air quality
  • A carbon negative building material - the fast growing hemp absorbs approximately 10 tonnes per hectare of carbon dioxide during the growth phase alone. This is then locked into the building where it continues to draw carbon from the atmosphere as it cures slowly over time
  • It can be coloured with natural oxides and coated with a clear natural sealer for a stunning feature wall or covered with a natural render.

Hannan Build exclusively use the Australian Hemp Masonry Company binder because it is manufactured locally in Australia and is BCA compliant.

Hemp and lime wall flame test

An interesting post from the OnePlant Facebook page, 18 April 2016.

Natural Renders

Natural renders provide breathability for hemp and strawbale walls. Lime renders are a biocide that control the growth of moulds and clay renders are negative ion which repel dust accumulation. Hannan Build can create both lime and clay renders and are also trained artisans with the Rockcote range of renders.

Australian Sustainable Timbers

Hannan Build supports the use of sustainably grown and harvested timber. Australian Sustainable Timbers are a local award winning family run business specialising in sustainable forest management and milling. Their beautiful locally harvested hardwoods are a perfect match for Hannan Build's craftmanship and natural building aesthetic.


Hannan Build have collaborated on major Strawbale builds throughout Australia and have experience in all construction aspects framing, bale raising, and rendering.

Rammed Earth

Shane Hannan has accredited training with Western Australia's leading rammed earth builder, Jans Jensen. Shane has also volunteered as lead instructor for the construction of a school in a remote village in Nepal.


Hannan Build is a member of Mudmob building collective.

Langford Windows

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